*Perception on an intuitive level of how things should be – in our case, created, consumed and converted – to maintain the worldly balance.

Photo by Fiona Garden. “Searching for Summer”, ADVENTURE issue.

SIX celebrates the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and innovation in all areas of life, from everyday objects made to last generations to innovations like textiles capable of clearing air pollution in their immediate vicinity.

Presented through a series of incarnations, each stage of SIX existence is made up of x6 issues with a particular narrative.

In its first version, SIX focused entirely on the idea that sustainability in fashion had to be led by strong design. This led to the publication of 6 editions, each exploring the world of ethical & sustainable fashion across various countries, profiling independent makers and exploring sustainability initiatives taken up by conglomerates and corporations such as Prada and LVMH Group.

The second instalment of SIX sees it return as a series of guides to the local makers, artisans and creators based in the capital cities like London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney and Tokyo.

Echoing the public mood of going hyper local, propelled further by the pandemic, SIX profiles local offerings whether you fancy honey made by an East London beekeeper, or would like a bowl from a Brooklyn potter, or a sweater knitted locally in LA. All is explored in a series of extensive guides, one per each of the 6 capital cities we chose, to mark the beginning of this new world order, for which globalisation seems to be losing its appeal.

Issue 6

Past and present mix in China like nowhere else in the world. Tradition and heritage are of an immense value to the Chinese, and their fascination with technology is renown. Progress moves so quickly you can hardly follow as things unravel. Rickshaws ride alongside Maserati, locals sell 5 cent baodzi from wheel carts outside expensive gourmet restaurants. China is a land of contrasts, and this is its most valuable point of attraction.


Issue 5

Travel – where to, and how? Featuring interview with Harriet Lamb, then CEO of Fairtrade International, in which she recounts some of her most memorable travel experiences. We asked Terri Potratz, founder of larry. designs, to keep a diary while she was travelling around Chile working on a collection with the local organisation Patagonia Style. A fascinating account by all standards. Skincare department not to be omitted its importance during travel, gets a list of travel essentials from the legendary makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift.


Issue 4

Shedding winter layers, exposing forearms, ear lobes and chests gives our spring issue ample opportunities to explore the world of accessories. Rising stars and established heavyweights feature in the S&E* (Sustainable & Ethical) guide to accessories, The Investment Guide gives an overlook at the work of real masters, and the talented photographer Martin Zahringer and stylist Victoria Sekrier stage a superb spring sport style editorial.


Issue 3

Scandinavia – the grunge, the sex, the Nordic noir, the design, the food, the saunas, the nature, the never-setting sun of the summers, the permo darkness of the winters. “Viking Woman” editorial shot by now legendary Sasha Rainbow is a treat. Issue of leather use in fashion is a complex one, we look at both sides, and play with discarded yak nipples, made into stunning creations by Rachel Freire.


Issue 2

A look at the world of ancient artisanal crafts, from Peru and Himalayas, to Middle East and Africa.
Lost skills and unique techniques, some on the brink of extinction. Imagining the times when everything down to household textiles was made by hand – when making things carried an element of a ritual. Prada is here, too, who are extensively using unique artisanal skills to add details to their pieces or even create whole lines.


Issue 1

Fashion world underbelly is changing. The message has become clear: ethical and sustainable practices are something that consumers want – and demand – from fashion brands.

Introducing a scope of S&E* (*Sustainable & Ethical) brands from around the world with our World Guide. We are dedicated to design as much as we are dedicated to sustainability.