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Izzy Lane

Originally published in SIX magazine issue 1 – INSTINCT

SIX Loves… Izzy Lane

British-made ethical knitwear brand Izzy Lane works with one clear purpose in mind – to prevent the unnecessary slaughter of British wool sheep.

Whilst researching wool farming methods, founder Isobel Davies was devastated to find that 80% of the wool we used in the UK was imported from Australasia, with British farmers resorting to burning spare wool as the selling price did not always cover even the cost of shearing. 

Determined to re-work this poor economic model, Davies set up a ‘Sheep Sanctuary’ in the Yorkshire Dales, where unwanted sheep could be rescued and ethically kept to produce wool.

Her luxury knitwear is spun from the kemp-free wool of Shetland sheep, whose wool is left un-dyed to preserve the natural colours. The cashmere is made from the fibre of Scottish cashmere goats, also reared by Davies. 

At the heart of Izzy Lane’s brand philosophy is the belief in the importance of monitoring the whole garment manufacturing process; from how the sheep are cared for and the shearing of the wool, to the spinning, weaving and knitting.

Davies operates a network of hand-knitters who lovingly craft the luxury wool and cashmere collections in North Yorkshire. There’s a story behind everyone working for the brand, including several families who have been spinning and weaving for generations.

Today this award-winning luxury brand offers everything from slouchy cable knits and super soft beanies to dog accessories and knitting yarns.

Izzy Lane is the personification of country luxe with a twist: animal welfare is, and always will be, at its core.

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