Raquel Allegra

Originally published in SIX magazine issue 1 – INSTINCT

SIX Loves…
Raquel Allegra

Based in sunny California, Raquel Allegra is an artisan who made her name creating one-of-a-kind designs from reclaimed LA County Jail t-shirts.

Each of her early creations was cleverly cut, dyed, sewn and then deconstructed – all by hand. The resulting finely shredded tees and instantly recognisable cocooning silhouettes became her trademark.

The eponymous brand has since matured to include richly textured pieces in deerskin, linen, cashmere, and French lace, but you can still expect to find individually hand tied and dyed garments sprinkled through the collections.

Despite the brand’s continued success, Allegra remains dedicated to the tradition of artistry and craftsmanship in the fashion industry, manufacturing and dyeing every garment (for the exemption of a few knitwear pieces) in Los Angeles.