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Thomas Lyte

Originally published in SIX magazine issue 5– ADVENTURE

SIX Loves…
Thomas Lyte

Fumbling through our bags, shuffling through our pockets and nervously tearing at the corners, hoping the ‘delayed’ notice doesn’t turn to ‘cancelled’ on the airport departures board – we put our passports through a lot! Whether you’re a jet-setter or a casual voyager, pick a passport holder that fits your travel style. SIX’s recommendation? A bright summer yellow cover from Thomas Lyte. 

An authentic English luxury brand synonymous with great eclectic design, Thomas Lyte never compromises craftsmanship, prioritising a low environmental and social impact during each stage of production. With the softest vegetable-tanned leather on the outside and a luxury fuchsia silk featuring the hallmark Lyte flower stream on the inside, from now on you won’t be letting your passport out of your sight. 

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